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Gear Up for an Unforgettable VIP Supercar Birthday Experience

It's time to get your birthday booked at The Hive as we're launching a complimentary Supercar VIP Lounge experience, exclusively for birthday party celebrations.

The Supercar Lounge, which is only the second place in the world to have a Lamborghini supercar inside of a bar, will host up to 10 birthday party guests for a champagne reception as part of the new Supercar VIP Lounge experience.

Guests will be invited into the lounge where they will have the opportunity to take photos with the Lamborghini Huracán while enjoying a glass of champagne.

We want our birthday guests to enjoy their night with something a little bit special, a booth, a bottle of bubbly and a supercar! We aim to be THE destination to celebrate your birthday.

For further details or to book your birthday party experience click here - The Hive Facebook page.

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